Who We Are

The Brentwood Bay Community Association is a non-profit society  formed over 18 years ago by a group of residents and volunteers.  

BBCA Constitution:

The purpose of this Society shall be to strengthen our  community by providing arts and cultural events for all ages to advance  the public’s appreciation of and access to the arts in our community.  The purpose shall be met by carrying out the following activities:   Present an annual community festival in Brentwood Bay,  British Columbia,thus providing a forum for qualified musicians and  performance artists to perform through participation in the festival;    Present Music in the Park, a series of community concerts in July & August    To advance education by offering music workshops and concerts to the public.    To promote and showcase Aboriginal culture and heritage.    To do all such other things as ancillary or incidental to the attainment of the above. 

We host:

Music in The Park

The Brentwood Bay Festival

The Empourium Sessions

Brentwood Bay's Christmas Light Up  

Barney Bentall & The Cariboo Express