Welcome to the Brentwood Bay Community Association


In June we hold the Brentwood Festival in Pioneer Park. We kick off with a songwriters panel concert on Friday night at the Brentwood Bay Village Empourium. This is followed with a full day of fun on Saturday with a parade, pancake breakfast, entertaniment on stage, as well as vendor market. 

Each summer we host 7 outdoor concerts at Music in the Park, plus a few extra shows at the Brentwood Bay Village Empourium. 

Need to contact us? brentwoodbayinfo@gmail.com

Brentwood Bay Festival 2018

June 1 & 2 2018

This year the Brentwood Bay Festival will include a songwriters panel concert on Friday June 1 at  the Brentwood Bay Village Empourium, as well as a full day of events in Pioneer Park on Saturday June 2. Please contact us if you'd like to get involved. Email brentwoodbayinfo@gmail.com

Get involved!

You can: 

Be in the parade!

Be a vendor!

Be a festival sponsor!

Submit to perform!

Contact us at brentwoodbayinfo@gmail.com

Music in the Park

Now accepting submissions

If you wish to submit to perform for July - August 2018, please see our guidelines on the Music in the Park page for band submissions. 

Check out last year's performers to see if your band fits what we are looking for. 

Please be aware: we get way more submissions than we have dates to fill, so please don't take it personally if your band doesn't get booked!

Stage Update

Feb 5th Update


The construction of the Brentwood Bay Performance Stage is well underway and proceeding on schedule for a June 2018 opening.

Concrete foundations and walls were poured in November, then the stage area was backfilled and the stage floor was poured in December.

The backstage/storage room was constructed in January and the huge timber beams were put on place on February 2, 2018.

The next steps will be installing the wood roof decking and then the sheet metal roof. The walls of the backstage will then be covered in K2 Natural Stone, quarried right here on Vancouver Island.

Finally the electrical outlets and lighting will be installed.

Drop by Pioneer Park in Brentwood Bay and check it out! :)

High Praise for all our hard work

The best thank you ever!!!!

As the last of the music faded into the night at  our last evening in the park, we were presented with this lovely gift.  This beautiful card was given to us by a young lady who has attended Music in the Park for years, and has always danced up a storm. 

We've had a lot of accolades, thanks, and acknowledgements  (yep, and even the odd complaint!) over the years for all of our hard work and efforts, but this one... this one.  This one really means a lot. 

Amanda, this is why we keep on doing what we do as volunteers and dreamers. You've touched us all  more than you could ever know, and I can promise you this - we won't stop believing!!!