Barney Bentall & The Cariboo Express

The 2019 shows at the Charlie White Theatre in Sidney are 

November 14th, 15th, & 16th. 

For more info and to purchase tickets, go here

For the past 12 years Barney has been bring together a dozen or more musicians to create an incredible touring show across western Canada. Every show is a fundraiser for a different charity. It conjures feelings of a simpler, down-home good time, celebrates community and music and contributes to worthwhile causes and charities. 

A variety of Canadian musicians grace the CE stage each year, and each song is performed by a different lead or collaboration; introduced with a unique and humorous monologue scripted by Bentall and co-host Matt Masters. The cast of popular musicians from the Canadian indie scene also features special guests of Canadian musical fame in each different locale. Joining Barney on the tour is Dustin Bentall, Ridley Bent, Wendy Bird, Matt Masters, and more. The Gold Rush Allstars make up the backing band for the whole event, and are a tight team of renowned players, including Rob Becker, Geoff Hicks, and more. 

Music in the Bay is a small offshoot of the BBCA which spearheads  events such as the Cariboo Express. For the past 12 years, we have been presenting this tour de force and raising money for our local food banks. Last year we raised just over $37,000.00 for the Sidney Lions Food Bank.

 In the past 8 years, we have raised over $170,000.00 for these charities! 

Song Sponsorship: just what is it?

We raise funds for the food banks directly through song sponsorships. A business pays a minimum of $500 for a monologue written by Barney or Matt Masters, his co-host. If you are interested in becoming a song sponsor, email us.